Following the Acropolis, Delphi is the second most visited archeological destination. About a 2-hour drive (120 miles), situated north-west of Athens, the Delphi archeological site is located in a majestic region on the south slopes of Mount Parnassus. On the way to Delphi, I would recommend we stop at the Byzantine monastery of St. Lucas, as it is well-known for its beautiful mosaics and at the traditional village of Arahova  which is for its handmade rugs. During ancient times, it was the most important religious center and the ancient Greeks believed that it was the center of the world. Delphi is where the priestess of God Apollo, Pythia, sat and gave prophesies. From all over Greece, people went to Delphi before making important decisions for wars, politics, expeditions or alliances. In order to get a positive prophecy, they brought gifts. We can visit the temple of Apollo, the sanctuary of Athena, Pronaia, the Athenian treasury and Abaton. Also, the ancient theatre with a capacity of 500 people. Last but not least, there is an interesting indoor museum. After the visit to Delphi, we can have lunch at one of the restaurants which serve traditional dishes of the region. Return to Athens.

Duration:   10 hours
Price:         360 €
*Not ongluded: Entrance fees and transfers to'from airport

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